Small Business and Technology Development Center

The Missouri Small Business and Technology Development Center (SBTDC) program at the UMKC Innovation Center is part of a nationwide network of SBTDC programs. The Center was founded to provide small businesses and technology venture firms in the Kansas City region with the analysis, consultation and training support they need to confidently grow and develop.

Members of the Center are current and former business owners, executives and coaches, but most of all, partners in shaping the future of your business. They are passionate about the work they do and the ability to give you sound advice for developing your business.

The Center is comprised of experienced professionals with expertise in the areas of consulting, management, finance, marketing, international trade, retail, accounting, strategic planning and more.

Assisting You

Running a business or developing innovative technologies is tough. It requires flexibility and the ability to meet every challenge with a solution that moves your vision forward. To help, we offer comprehensive services at little to no cost. It's our goal to make sure that you are never caught off guard. Learn more about our programs below.

Individualized Counseling

SBTDC counselors work as a teammate, providing practical, hands-on training for small businesses. Skilled professionals offer experience in many areas, including marketing and sales, accounting financial analysis and cost control, personnel, inventory control, business start-up or acquisition and business liquidation or sale. Disclosure of your financial or other proprietary information to the SBTDC helps us provide you with the most effective assistance possible. All information you provide is held in complete confidence.

Marketing Strategies

SBTDC counselors will assist you in developing a marketing plan. Staff will help you tap databanks that can provide customer lists, site analysis, sales territory management, demographic information and competitor information to assist you in selling to local, state, national and international markets.

Small Business Management

Whatever your enterprise might be, a well-designed business plan can help ensure your success. Preparing a business plan can be a frustrating process. SBTDC management counselors can walk you through the proper planning. Training seminars targeting management issues are also available. With this assistance, you can formulate a strategy to help your company flourish.

Financial Analysis

Careful financial analysis is the first step in planning your business's future. SBTDC counselors are qualified to help you take financial inventory and assist you in determining your business's strengths, weaknesses, growth potential and capital needs.

Our consultants are uniquely qualified to help you explore financing options and can also provide assistance in developing financial plans for banks or investors. Financial analysis tools are also available.